Nihon Miyabigoto Club

−Rieko Kawabe’s “school of Japan”−

The Nihon Miyabigoto Club holds “Acquaintance with Japanese beauty” as its theme. With reference to classics, it seeks to create a new style of “Japanese beauty”, and was founded in 1995.

With Rieko Kawabe’s calligraphy at the centre of its activities, and through tea ceremony, ceramics, incense ceremony, shamisen, and No-chant, Japanese beauty is grasped in its multiple facets. Our order is to “know oneself”, to discover one’s personality.



"Syo" and each selection course

I will do guidance that respects individuality.
It starts from making the best use of holding and the individuality that is for the entire member from the book and the designs of my name.
The selection course that catches the beauty of various Japan while enjoying it .. various.. is installed, too.



It knows Japan, and it plays.

I will invite the people who are taking an active part in the various circles, and execute the concert etc. in which it is familiar with the toque salon and Japan in which it talks about "Japan" from various angles.
The feast of play four seasons occasional is held, and it provides an opportunity for the members' exchanges.
Lecture meeting, concert, tea party, feast, and work symposium, etc.




About Miyabigoto Club

The Japanese loves four seasons, loves nature, and has accumulated some Sou-one culture.
Natural knows is forgotten, and however, if it is Japanese now, the chance "Know" seems to decrease and to have forgotten it seems to be Japanese over there of the history.

To exchange it, it might have to know the West culture to be a traditional culture of Japan that is our starting point.
I would like the people who bear Japan of the future to tell the Japanese culture ・・・ The Japan club has such a desire.


Rieko Kawabe Art Works